With over 130 years of tradition in making, not melting chocolate, Tierra Nueva has mastered, and patented, the technology to take the world’s most popular beverage and turn it into “Coffee you can eat.” They import whole coffee beans and make “edible coffee” in the form of Coffee Thins™  and Cafene, a new coffee base product that can be used in baking, ice cream and specialty foods. Coffee Thins™  are no different than the way Gatorade took their popular Isotonic Sports beverage and created “Gatorade you can eat” with their hugely successful “energy chews.”

In partnering with TSW Foods as its master distribution and purchasing team, Tierra Nueva can continue to put more of its focus on the business with innovative product offerings leveraging their patented technology, instead of in the business.


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Gusseted Bag (Coming soon)

Gusseted Bag